Maybe your part time business can turn into a dynasty.

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When you think of the word entrepreneur most people think of a businessman or woman who owns their own business. Often times this generic definition falls short of what the word truly entails. Its more than just owning your own business, its having an avant-garde attitude and mixing it…

My lessons learned on entrepreneurship


These are my entrepreneurship lessons learned.

#1: get used to dealing with set backs and adversity.  this is fuel.
#2: spend the right time with the right people
#3: surround yourself with people with positive energy
#4: partner with others that compliment you
#5: focus your mind on the actions to create your future
#6: focus on actions and decisions, even if they’re wrong, they propel you forward.
#7: don’t waste energy on the past, it’s about where you are going, not where you have been.


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